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Chatgen is Australia’s trusted conversational marketing agency. We can help clients improve engagement, increase leads and grow revenue through chatbots and live chat.

Our full service chatbot & live chat service help provide clients with a robust conversational marketing solution. Start conversations & drive results across all customer touch points.



Chatbot Design

Our conversational marketing experts understand your website traffic so each chatbot is designed to create conversations that drive real business results.

Chatbot Optimisation

We want the bots we build to grow alongside your business. Our ongoing data driven testing and structured training will ensure your chatbots are optimised for performance

Live Chat Agents

Our local conversation development reps are ready to jump into the conversation and convert your traffic. Maximise engagement & never miss out on another opportunity.

Visitor Engagement

Lead Qualification

Revenue Generation

Data Enrichment


Most frequent questions and answers

It’s an approach to marketing that lets businesses have one-to-one conversations with their customers in real time leading to improved engagement, higher conversion rates, more qualified leads and customer retention.

We want to be your integrated partner. Once we have learnt all about your business objectives, we will work on crafting custom bots to fulfill each of those objectives. The service doesn’t end there! As your business grows, we will be constantly innovating and optimising the chatbots so they grow alongside your business. For the full service, our conversational marketing experts can jump into the conversation and take personalisation to the next level.

Like everything else in digital – chatbots create data and we can do powerful things with that data. Through a data driven approach, our chatbots undergo rigorous training and testing to ensure only the champion of champions is showing. 

Chatbots can also align to your digital strategies such as sale events or new landing pages so you can have personalised conversations through every digital touch point..

Depending on the structure of the company, in most cases, marketing should own this channel as they have interests throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Structuring ownership is important – what we commonly see if a siloing of chatbots to focus on one business objective which leads to a poor user experience.

Contact ChatGen and lets tee up a phone call! We would like to learn more about your business, your website, your team structure and your tech stack to provide you  a custom solution. 

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By 2020, conversational marketing will be a recognized channel of B2B and B2C customer engagement and revenue, displacing a combination of marketing, sales and service activities.​
Gartner "Cool Vendors in Conversational Marketing." ​
Published May 3, 2018​

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