B2B Smarketing Strategy: Use content curation to improve the sales team’s brand

One of our goals is to work closely with sales teams to achieve real B2B Smarketing synergy.

When I first heard about Smarketing, we jumped on Google and looked for the definition.


According to Wikipedia – “The objective is for the sales and marketing functions to have a common integrated approach.” The Wikipedia article was only 1 paragraph so it wasn’t much help. We wanted real strategies we can implement so we dived deeper.

Long story short, in the process of researching B2B strategies, Our marketing director had an epiphany (he’s been having a lot of those recently, better ask the wife what she is putting in the cooking).

Why don’t we help market the sales team! Instead of focussing on strategies for the business, we should also work on strategies that improve the personal brand of the sales team.

How will this strategy look? Here’s one we cooked up:

  1. Marketing works on content curation for a specific industry. Use a tool called Sniply and build custom snips for each salesperson. Sniply lets you insert a custom CTA on any page on the web. Insert one on the curated articles with a link to the salesperson’s calendar or anything else that might encourage a sales touch. I built an example here.
  2. Send these articles to the sales team with instructions for sharing.
  3. Sales share these articles and snips across their social networks.
  4. Revenue?

This strategy will help position your sales team as thought leaders in the industry and allow them to engage link shares from any content that they share. It’s worthwhile to focus on content clusters and link in with potential ABM strategies to get those sales across the line. This type of strategy can be deployed anywhere through the sales funnel.

What do you think?

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