Create a B2B sales & marketing ecosystem where nothing is wasted.

In nature, nothing is wasted. Predators kill only when they are hungry. Once the predator has eaten its share, scavengers feed on the remains. What is left of the bones attracts flies and other insects and the leftovers are broken down by bacteria.

Nature is efficient and businesses can learn from nature.

Throughout the customer lifecycle, you will often find opportunities to repurpose what marketing & sales teams traditionally viewed as “sunk costs” or losses. These opportunities exist in multiple forms but today, I wanted to run through my favourite which is website traffic wastage.

Website Traffic Wastage

Every month you generate X amount of traffic and Z convert. What happens to the X-Z? Those go to competitors.

Now you are feeling the burn.

Of course, you will always get unqualified traffic or people who will never buy.

But you are also wasting a whole bunch of traffic you could have converted if you worked them a different way. I mean, your email nurtures & remarketing campaigns can only do so much.

Instead of relying on inbound to convert, the opportunity lies with outbound sales. Well not pure outbound, but it’s a hybrid approach. Hear me out. You can close the loop and ensure all your traffic is being worked by deploying this simple strategy.

1) Create a LinkedIn campaign manager account. Install the insights tag on your website.

2) In campaign manager, visit “Website Demographics”

3) Use the “Display” filter and look for “Company”

4) You should get a list of all the companies that have visited your website.

5) Send this list to your outbound team and ask them to target prospects from these companies.

Voila! Now your sales and marketing machine is working every single visitor to your website. You can get creative with the audience segmentation by building out custom website audiences through campaigns and figuring out what companies are viewing those campaign landing pages.

Given this strategy might not work so well if your visitors are not on Linkedin, it is worthwhile to pursue. I mean, would a salesperson rather contact someone out of the blue or someone that is actively checking your website out but just haven’t left an email yet?

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