3 strategies you can use to convert B2B blog readers into customers.

A popular topic of discussion among marketers is how they can truly generate performance content & convert B2B blog readers into customers.

In a 2018 study done by the Content Marketing Institute, it was found that over half of all B2B marketers were either extremely committed or very committed to their content marketing programs.

With this insight, it is clear that B2B organisations are investing significantly into their content marketing initiatives such as blogs. We also know that the average conversion rate for a B2B organisations is 2.23% and that almost 98% of visitors are not converting. Putting the two together, we have a question. Why are marketers investing so much into B2B blogs without seeing the results they should be getting?

The answer is not simple and there is no cure-all solution. However, there are strategies you can deploy which can help improve your blog’s conversion rates. In this article, we will run through 3 strategies you can use to convert B2B blog readers into customers.

1) Ensure your lead capture is aligned to your content and audience.

The sure fire way of capturing a lead is to provide value to your user. That is why it is very important your lead capture proposition is directly related to your blog content or audience. If you were writing about a particular topic, lets say apples. It makes sense for the capture proposition to be related and build upon the content. In this case, your lead capture proposition may be apple juice related or apple pie.

View lead capture as a continuation of your content experience instead of a culmination point and you can’t go wrong.

2) Swap PDFs and build experiences that actually engages

A common B2B lead capture strategy is to provide a whitepaper or e-guide. Users would read your B2B blog, see a CTA or popup to download a whitepaper and reach a gated landing page. They give you their details to access the content and you send them a pdf. Then you wait.

What if I told you there is a better way? Why do we actively encourage users to leave your website so they can read a pdf? Lets flip this experience around! Instead of sending users to a pdf download, embed the content on your web page and engage your lead with a chatbot while they are reading your content. Not only are you keeping your leads on your website, you are also engaging your readers in real time.

3) Enrich your customer data while they are engaging content.

Lead capture is a great goal but it doesn’t always have to be the only goal. Instead of trying to generate a lead through your blog, why not use the opportunity to enrich your data? Using chatbots, you will be able to engage your readers in real time and simply learn more about them. There is no hard sell here as the objective is to capture data which will help you market better.

Sync the data over to your CRM and you just learnt a little more about your reader. You can then use this data to segment and personalise as you wish!

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